Camp Apollyon's staff is trained in first aid, basic magic, and basic survival skills in the event of an attack or other emergency.

Silas Abaddon

Silas Abaddon is the Director of Camp Apollyon. He founded this camp 63 years ago in 117 BTR, with the same intent it has today: To educate and inspire the next generation. He primarily serves an administrative role. His favorite part of camp is the excitement of first-time campers.

Mossi Safril

Mossi Safril is the Vice Director of Camp Apollyon. She has worked at this camp since its founding, and organizes our program yearly. She hires and trains counselors, reaches out to parents, and manages marketing. Her favorite part of camp is the spreadsheets.

Elia Samrahd

Elia Samrahd is Head Counselor. She has worked here since 148 ATR, starting as a regular counselor and slowly working her way up. She trains other counselors, handles hostile creatures, and hosts camp activities. Her favorite part of camp is sharing stories around the fire.

Valentine Deltora

Valentine Deltora is the Camp Nurse. They've worked here since 172 ATR. They keep campers, counselors, and other staff happy and healthy, with training in physical and mental health, using both practical and magical means. Her favorite part of camp is not the blood.

Ezra Salve

Ezra Salve is our head cook for the camp. He's been a proud member of our permanent staff since 168 ATR. He cooks for all mealtimes and trains both campers and counselors in food preparation. His favorite part of camp is tending to the food garden.

Arinte Meriana

Arinte Meriana is our lifeguard. She is newest member of our permanent staff, training and joining just this year. She maintains our aquatic equipment and keeps our campers safe. Her favorite part of camp is the freedom of wandering the forest.


Our counselors are hired seasonally and receive 4 weeks of training and education. Background checks are always carefully performed.