Camp Apollyon is located in Aladaynee Forest, nestled in where Evening Creek meets Lake Alastair. The closest town is Summertown, which is 15 miles away and is home to the subregional hospital.

The camp itself has 22 dedicated cabins: 8 for the campers, 8 for their counselors, and 4 for other staff. Camper's cabins are fitted with bunk beds, a bathroom with a sink, and a small loft area. Counselor cabins are behind them. Cabins are arranged in the Cabin Circle with the office at the head, which is a two-story building that has staff cabins.

Marillo Pavillion is to the south of Cabin Circle and contains the Mess Hall and six shelterhouses. The Mess Hall has a kitchen maintained year-round and 10 tables, headed by a professional chef. Campers will have opportunities to cook for the rest of the camp. The shelterhouses host scheduled activities.

Lake Alastair has a lifeguard on duty at all times. Campers can kayak, canoe, fish, and swim during free time and scheduled activities. Evening Creek is host to a variety of unique wildlife attendees will learn about.