Camp Apollyon incorporates a variety of activities that teach campers valuable skills and encourage them to bond with each other.


This portion of our program teaches campers about the natural world in a fun and safe environment. Campers hike, swim, and kayak through the beautiful Aladaynee forest. Then, they get to learn about wildlife through hands-on activities and observation.

Magic and Combat

Archery and swordfighting are both (safely!) taught at Camp Apollyon. Campers also have the opportunity to learn magic at beginner, intermediate, and expert levels.

History and Mythology

Campers will explore the rich mythology and legends of Midnight River, in addition to learning about its fascinating history. Not to mention, stories around the campfire are a staple of the evening gatherings!

Arts and Crafts

Time to relax with various art forms - drawing, painting, and crafting - is made available during downtime, as well as being a scheduled activity. With so many natural resources at their disposal, it'll be easy to get creative and find inspiration!