king of omashu > holy fucking shit, guys. ceo of the rose empire > ??? king of omashu > yall know the db intern server? ceo of the rose empire > yah king of omashu > and how kendalan hasn't been active the past few weeks? ceo of caramelldansen > hard not to notice. he was one of the only other mods who actually did their job and tried to keep the server from collapsing into a tumblr microcosm shutupdusky > cut to the chase king of omashu > might wanna sit down, marnie. shutupdusky > tell us already dear god king of omashu > he's fucking dead. ceo of caramelldansen > what? shutupdusky > what the fuck? king of omashu > you heard me. ceo of caramelldansen > oh king of omashu > he got taken in for re-education again. > he was okay initially, but whatever the fuck they did to him must have killed him over the course of a week. > his body was in the old sunflower field. ceo of the rose empire > holy shit king of omashu > they're saying he killed himself, but unless they did something serious to him in that building, i doubt it. > i talked to the kid who found him. haru, i think? said he wasn't right in the head at the end. it's possible, but i really fucking doubt it. ceo of caramelldansen > i see king of omashu > you wanna know the worst part? ceo of caramelldansen > no ceo of caramelldansen has logged off. ceo of the rose empire > i'll go over to her place > don't be drama whores while im gone king of omashu > no promises. ceo of the rose empire > this is serious but ok ceo of the rose empire has logged off. shutupdusky > i wanna know the worst part > wait not yet im texting elnjian so those 2 dont have to go in tmrw king of omashu > they did it. shutupdusky > back > wait what king of omashu > they were the one that re-educated him. > i'd need to talk to haru for more details, but he seems really upset rn. shutupdusky > well i'm sure marnie would be more than happy to ask the person who fucking did it summercity sent a deleted image. king of omashu > perfect timing. summercity > my meme is funny, shut up > oh summercity deleted an image. summercity > holy fuck shutupdusky > yeah. king of omashu > honestly though, don't tell marnie, please please please don't tell marnie. > she'll hurt herself and elnajian and probably kira, plus any one of us if we don't get out of the way fast enough. shutupdusky > i mean you just put it in the gc so king of omashu > i don't think she'll be on here for a good minute. summercity > search button exists king of omashu > i doubt she'll be searching for the time i texted her about her friend's death. > i didn't know they were close at all. summercity > not exactly two peas in a pod but they were pals > he got along with most ppl tho king of omashu > doesn't surprise me. > he was a good mod. shutupdusky > what did he do in the first place summercity > having talked to him a few times? probably a rebel > hes got the Vibe > strong convictions, stubborn, chomping at the bit to participate in anything king of omashu > kids like that always get taken in. summercity > oh and kinda stupid usually shutupdusky > oh okay > doesnt surprise me then Lykzyran18 > Hey guys. shutupdusky > lemme guess elnajian cant come in tmrw Lykzyran18 > They can, actually. > I just wanted to offer my condolences. > And theirs. summercity > they know we know? Lykzyran18 > News travels fast. shutupdusky > lol snitch Lykzyran18 > I didn't tell them. They just figured you guys would know, or should if you somehow didn't. king of omashu > thanks, i guess. shutupdusky > "sorry i killed a teenager you guys :(" Lykzyran18 > They seem pretty upset. shutupdusky > of course they seem sincere to you all you ever fuckin do is try to be the > the > teachers pet but scientists summercity > lowkey. a little Lykzyran18 > Understandable. ceo of the rose empire > good news marnie's ok > bad news she vowed to kill whoever did it Lykzyran18 > Also understandable. summercity > i fuckin hate living here ceo of the rose empire > honestly? me too > i’m sick of it > all of it