Mainframe > Surveillance Records > Confiscated Letter 8/29/10

Hey Mars,

You thought you could get rid of me! >:) I ain’t that easy.

Desert Bluffs is weird as hell, honestly. Exactly like how you said. It’s hotter than back at home, and the storms get so bad I think it’s gonna flood every time. There are too many buildings and they’re all wayyyy too tall. They kinda creep me out. Everyone acts like the mayor or the CEO or whatever is some kinda god, plus the rest of the Board of Directors. With how much power they have, they may as well be. Nobody likes each other here, and nobody likes me, either. I’m willing to live with that.

Actually, scratch that, like two people do. There’s this warforged guy. He’s probably kept me from accidentally burning down the place like 40 times. Binary, I think? Then there’s the 13 year old tiefling kid I’m supposed to keep from dying and talking. He’s real sweet, sticks close to me and likes to sing a lot. Just kind of a lab rat, I guess, since his mom did something. His name’s Kevin.

Speaking of, I’m an arcanabiology major here. You knew that. But I’m on the fast track, I guess, which is why I’m doing school and actually working. I got given him because he’s supposed to be some kinda lost cause. His family was under watch since before I came, but his mom just got taken in.

I don’t know if you’ll get this letter, because we’re not supposed to be giving details to people outside of the company, but you’re a semi-omnipresent ghost so I don’t think you count.

Be well,