Mainframe > Surveillance Records > Re-Education of Neridaezyr Marsyneven, 7/24/16

Feed of a small, dimly-lit room. A humanoid with a coyote-like mask sits tied to a chair in the center of the room. A tall elf opens the door and walks in.

Asainder: Miss Marsyneven?

Marsyneven: Leave me be and let me go.

Asainder: I know you’re unhappy with this arrangement, but-

Marsyneven: Let me go.

Asainder:Forcefully. Miss Marsyneven, I understand that this has all been very difficult for you, but we are willing to make some concessions if you’ll simply listen to us.

Marsyneven: What the fuck do you even want? Land? People? Resources? You can do whatever when I’m tied up in some basement instead of outside in the place I’m named after, goddamnit.

Asainder: We just want your cooperation.

Marsyneven: Well, you aren’t getting it.

Asainder: Look, I’ll drop the public relations-speak. I know you’re real sick of bein’ all tied up, so why don’t you let me lend you a hand?

Marsyneven: I know your tricks. I’m not an idiot.

Asainder: You’re a smart one! Laughs. I also know that you can’t hold on much longer if we keep goin’ on like this.

Marsyneven: I’ll give you that. Kendiryan’ll come through, though. He always does.

Asainder: Are you sure about that?

Marsyneven: He’s a good kid. In league with your fucked up little cult, but he’s a good kid. He cares about me, and all his other mezyrs.

Asainder: But he hasn’t come for you yet.

Marsyneven: You’re holding him back, and if he’s not, Heselma is.

Asainder: But how do you know?

Marsyneven: This is stupid, just get the hell away from my face before you don’t have one for me to look at.

Asainder: But you can’t live down here alone much longer, can you? Without sunlight and wind and rain? You’re like a cute little sunflower!

Marsyneven: You’re fucking creepy.

Asainder: Your magic will fail you at some point, Mars.

Marsyneven: Don’t call me that!

Asainder: I can do whatever I want. You said it yourself.

Marsyneven: You are the worst.

Asainder: Thanks! I try.

Marsyneven: Just leave already. Don’t you have something better to do?

Asainder: Why, come to think of it, I don’t think I do. I can stay down here for as long as I want… or need.

Marsyneven: Oh, fuck me.

Asainder leans against the wall casually.

Asainder: Take your time. I’ll be right here.

Feed segment ends.