Mainframe > Surveillance Records > Letter from "Liana" to "Hawk", 7/10/18

Letter was scanned and allowed to pass.


I hope this letter finds you in good health. Especially considering the lengths I went to to get it to you on time. In your last message, you mentioned that your artist’s union in Kiov was completely out of work, and only two weeks before the Blizzard. Although it’s grim, I’ve got a handful of jobs for them that should, at the very least, keep the fires burning through the storm.

One of our own was lost, a troll named Kendalan Alnhess’ken. He was re-educated and later died from medical and psychological complications. I never truly got to know him, but from my brief impression, he was honorable and an upstanding young man. Others corroborate that. He made a lot of friends within our movement, and was very active; he was only 19, but he’d been working with us for 5 years. As much as I hate to do something like this, I believe he may be a perfect martyr.

I have some photos of him attached. I don’t really have specific instructions, other than to make something cool-colored. I've no idea what the going rates are for Tivlochovian artists, so here's 50 gold from us. Hopefully, this covers the costs. You know where to send the finished products.

Take care,