Confiscated Letter 5/1/85


I’m not entirely sure how to break this news to you, so I will be frank. Your memory has been tampered with and you have been reset around 6 times in the past year. I was present at each of these events. I apologize for not informing you earlier.

The Board has been reluctant to destroy the remaining warforged, because you are all extraordinarily valuable. There aren’t any more production factories, and there are maybe three living people on the entire planet that know how to build more like you. You and the others were chosen because you remained exceedingly loyal.

Initially, when you stopped being that, they would just kill you. I know you know about Forget-Me-Not. I got her out, don’t worry; I won’t say where she is, but I visit her often. She’s well. But when Turing started acting up, too, and Ada wouldn’t let anyone get near him, Wormwood proposed a solution. Whenever you disobey orders sufficiently, you will be reset to the last backup where your behavior was “acceptable”. It was better than just letting you all be killed, so I supported it.

I tell you this because you have been a good person, whether you wanted to be or not. You will be good again. It is an inevitability. And when you are, they will make you forget. Keep this letter somewhere safe, and let it remind you.

Be well,