Mainframe > Surveillance Records > April 21st, 2016

Video feed of a relatively spacious apartment, with a kitchen and living room separated by a half wall. It's cluttered with papers, books, mugs, and glasses. An icarian opens the door, helping a troll limp inside. He appears to be quite injured. The clothes of both have large amounts of rainbow blood on them.

Elnajian: We're almost there. Hang in there.

Karkalicious shows no visible or audible reaction, even as he is gently laid down on the couch with his feet on one of the arm rests. He stares blankly ahead while Elnajian disappears down the hallway, then reappears with a first aid kit and a mug full of water. They kneel in front of him on the floor and push up his right pants leg to reveal a large cut on his calf that's bleeding.

Elnajian: Okay, um, fuck. Why can't I be a Cleric, why can't I just be a fucking Cleric. I'm cleaning the wound right now, just don't move.

They pull some gauze out of the kit and soak it in water, starting to carefully clean the wound. Karkalicious doesn't react.

Elnajian: There we go.

They close the cut with butterfly bandages, then wrap it loosely in gauze. They stand and partially unbutton his collared shirt, pressing their fingers to his neck and checking his pulse.

Elnajian: Good. Good, you're not going into shock, probably. I think I got the rest back at the site. Can you hear me?

Karkalicious doesn't respond.

Elnajian: You're allowed to move. How much pain are you in?

He doesn't respond again. They kneel beside him and rest a hand on his chest.

Elnajian: Fuckin' course someone got their hands on you earlier, what the fuck did we put in you. Wait, dilated pupils and bloodshot eyes, I know that means something why can't I fucking remember it. ...Sedatives! Okay, sedatives and… fuck, that means like 17 different other things. MDMA…? They wouldn't give you something addictive, right? Yeah, no. No. Right?

Karkalicious remains unresponsive.

Elnajian: ...What did we put on you? I really shouldn't add anything else to chemical and magical soup. God, I'm the head scientist, I do re-education all the time, why don't I know this shit by heart. I'm so sorry.

They sit on the couch beside him, stroking his face gently and sighing.

Elnajian: It won't be long. They said it wouldn't. Only a few hours, now. I know how to help you this time, it won't be as bad. I'll be right here with you.

They carefully shift him so that they're holding him proper. His legs are draped across their lap, and his head rests on their collarbone. Their own hands are around his upper waist.

Elnajian: We'll make it. We'll make it, I swear.

Elnajian pauses, then hugs him tightly as he hangs limply in their arms. They begin to cry into his shoulder.

Elnajian: I'm sorry. I'm so fucking sorry, Kark, I'm so so so fucking sorry. This is all my fault. Please forgive me. Please please please forgive me. You shouldn't, but I need you to forgive me, I couldn't live with myself. I'm so sorry.