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hey kira

3:48 pm

which labcoat should i get

selenicereus-official sent an image.

selenicereus-official sent an image.


i think the first one has more like. rabid scientist energy. but the second one is crisp and clean


i think you should get both, actually. you'd need the first one for surgeries and dissections, and then the second one for average lab work.


hey are you ok
you seem kinda off

Lykzyran18 3:55 pm

yeah, i'm alright.

3:55 pm

it's just auryra renzyr rn, and my family used to always get together for dinner today.

3:55 pm

we aren't allowed to now and i miss it honestly.

selenicereus-official 3:56 pm


3:56 pm

im sorry

3:57 pm

honestly? i miss it too.

4:00 pm

hey actually i need you to do some last minute research at the lab come down

4:01 pm

it's like. ghost stuff. real important, we're gonna be here all night, i'm gonna call up a few other interns and make dinner and stuff

Lykzyran18 4:02 pm

okay, i'll be there.

selenicereus-official 4:03 pm