Mainframe > Surveillance Records > Video Feed from 22619, 2/19/12

Transcribed automatically by MemRecord v.48.2.9.

Video feed from a warforged’s perspective. It shows a long grey hallway, lit with harsh fluorescent lighting and lined with black doors. The air conditioning is humming and some shouts make it through the walls. A troll with arms covered in purple soul magic paces in front of one of the doors, lashing his tail.

22619: What are you doing here?

The troll looks up. As 22619 approaches, he stops pacing. He’s shaking and hyperventilating.

Karkalicious: I, I’m supposed to be re-educated? I, I don’t know where to go, what to do, I-

22619: You… showed up at the site?

Karkalicious: I’m sorry, I’m really sorry, I thought that’s what I was supposed to do, I’m sorry.

22619: Have you ever done this before?

Karkalicious: Only after, only after the war.

The warforged’s fan whirs for a few moments. He gently places a hand on Karkalicious’s shoulder.

22619: What’s your name?

Karkalicious: Karkat Kark- Karkat Karkalicious.

22619: I’m Binary. What did you do, Karkat?

Karkalicious: I, I, I must have, I think I helped someone that I shouldn’t, shouldn’t have. I don’t know, I’m sorry, I’m really sorry.

22619: Alright. Come with me. I’ll take you somewhere quieter and a little less bright. Would you be okay with that, or would you rather stay here?

Karkalicious: I’ll, I’ll go with, go with you.

22619: Okay. It isn’t far, just down the hallway.

22619 leads Karkalicious back the way he came and into a small room with a table, chairs, a washing machine and dryer, and a case of water bottles in the corner.

Karkalicious: I don’t want to die, please don’t let me die, they’re going to kill me I don’t want to die. I know they’ll kill me.

22619: You won’t get hurt today, okay? I’m right here with you. Sit down.

He walks over and pulls a chair out for him. Karkalicious sits, and 22619 takes his seat across from him.

22619: Take deep breaths. I’ll count with you.

The warforged repeatedly counts up to five, then back down. Karkalicious nervously extends a hand; he takes it. This continues for several minutes, until Karkalicious is breathing normally, has stopped shaking, and has no soul magic visible.

22619: Do you think you’re okay enough to walk?

He nods.

22619: Okay. I’ll escort you back to work or your neighborhood if you want me to. I don’t want anyone to think you’re running away.

Karkalicious: Thank you. So much.

22619 rises out of his chair. Karkalicious leaps out of his and hugs him tightly. The warforged freezes, before slowly hugging back. Feed segment ends.