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Fun Gang members come from a wide variety of backgrounds and regions. The group was formed in early September of 150 ATR at the Karkalicious Inn in Whitehall; exact reasoning is unknown. Since, they have worked together on various quests in a similar manner to more formal Adventurer’s Unions. Due to their recent formation, little useful information is available.


Members are rarely alone; they tend to travel either in pairs or as a whole group. Organized and consistent collaboration in combat is somewhat uncommon. Most of the group are spellcasters, with Taggart as a notable exception. 

The Fun Gang has recently been spotted recruiting others to their cause, mostly through use of counter-propaganda. So far, little has come of it, but it is noteworthy enough to keep an eye on.


The Fun Gang is generally comprised of a core group of 8 adventurers that live in the Karkalicious Inn. Further information can be found on their individual pages.