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This document is distributed to elementary schools in areas controlled by StrexCorp.

A very long time ago, there was an elf named Clover.

He lived in the south, down in the Raeniasya, and he was alone with a garden and a small house. 

His plants were his pride and joy. He tended to them carefully. He watered it and weeded it every day, rain or shine. He gathered battered wood and tied it together with wire to build a fence. He tilled the soil with rusty weapons, all he could afford.

But the greatest service he gave to his garden was his prayers to the sun. Every day, at dawn, noon, and dusk, he would kneel on the ground, place a hand on a coyote’s skull, and worship the light that gave his plants life. When it began to grow dark, he would walk out to a small stone pit and light a fire that would carry the sun’s shine on through the night. When it rained, he would drag out an old pot and burn the flame on his porch.

Very early one morning, before the sun rose and while Clover slept, the wind came and blew the flame onto the grasslands. He awoke to the heavy scent of smoke, and when he looked out, he saw the sun slowly rise over the blazing prairie. He was frozen in fear and awe.

A smiling man made of pure, blinding light stepped out of the crackling flames. He told him to go forth into the world and spread his word: The Usurper and the Impostor would fall, with the Sunrise heralding the new day. Until then, the Trance Planet needed to prepare for him. Clover was to assemble an army, conquer the continent in his name, and destroy followers of the Impostor and especially the Usurper.

Frightened and confused, Clover asked how he could possibly achieve this. He was more than willing, but he was only a poor farmer. He was one of few elves there, surrounded by those who would never help him in a thousand years. It was a nigh-impossible task.

The man reassured him that he would have help from him. He would communicate with him magically and, in the future, grant him a city to base his operations out of. The man of light's name was Aldanan lyk Luxiana, but he was free to call him Heselma. He placed a hand on the elf's head.

Suddenly, Clover could no longer stand. He fell to his knees as light poured out of his mouth and his eyes like blood. He thought he was going to die before his mission could even begin. It soaked into the dirt and stained his clothes. It burned his skin as it ran down his face and his hands. It hurt so much, he barely noticed Heselma was gone.

When he stood, the fire was gone as though it had never happened. But his hands were still burned, and when he stumbled inside to look in the mirror, his eyes were pure white. He knew, deep in his soul, he needed to complete his mission.

That evening, he set out. He stuffed rations into an old backpack and traveled across the Raeniasya. He converted stragglers in the prairie far and wide. Once he had enough, he began to convert villages, then towns, then cities. He often met resistance, but he crushed it easily. Not everyone was as receptive as they should be, and the more uncivilized people often fought him back.

Now, hundreds of years later, Clover still leads Strex in an effort to fix the Trance Planet for Aldanan lyk Luxiana. The world is a much better and more peaceful place.