Mainframe > Misc. Records > Statement from Arum Alavir to Board of Directors marked as Urgent, 9/29/03

Hey guys, we fucked up.

I don’t know how or why in the name of the Luxia’elda she only cares now, but Marsyneven found out about that kid over by Sepia, one of the trades, and she’s angry. Really, really angry. “We should probably backtrack on this” levels of angry.

Alli got a message about four days ago that was almost incomprehensible. Completely Old Draconic and furious. The rest of the Necromancy Division tried mediating, then Enchantment, then a few kids in General Research, but I guess after two back-and-forths she was done, because last night she went straight to me! While I was sleeping! In my dreams! Which is always a great sign!

She told me she was ready to raise hell on every Strex-owned town in the Raeniasya, and out of it too, if we didn’t stop doing the trades right now. When I tried giving the whole job opportunities spiel we usually do, I genuinely thought she was going to kill me. I’ve seen murder in her eyes before and this was something beyond it. She stepped forward, grabbed me by the throat, and told me to write the Board the second I woke up and order it over.

I know you aren’t going to actually stop with anything. I just wanted to let you know so that appropriate accommodations could be made. Maybe increase Sawblade Canyon’s aid to calm her down and postpone all the angel projects so we don’t have too much on our plates. I know I technically take the fall for this now, but if she actually does follow through or, god forbid, tells Kendiryan, we’re fucked. Actually fucked. If Luxian doesn’t kill us then hundreds (or thousands if we’re lucky) of pissed-off ghosts will.

Have a great day,