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AGENT: Flynn Taggart
DATE: 12/18/17
ASSUMED ALIAS: Evan Williams

Arrived at 14:45 at Site 4C (“Harper’s Hill Base”) as agreed with Mahogany Elsir. Left at 02:19 on 3/19/18.

Discovered the identities of 4 Elaidken members, part of Regiment 19 (“Suncatchers”): Sanna Kairos, 19, Nina Rodriguez, 29, Karu Selvaster, 23, and Adrian Long, 22. All live and work in Desert Bluffs. Kairos and Long are both students at the University of the Raeniasya. Continuing to gather data on Regiments 17 and 20.

Army patrol near the Kesszie Creeks is planned for 1/3 at 08:00 to forage for food and gather intel on potential StrexCorp bases. Forge for melee weapons near the abandoned iron mine to the south of the city is in late planning stages.

Supplies and Weapons
The final harvest of crops was recently completed and large-scale growing will not resume until April. Food reserves look strong. 

Ammo shortage has recently been alleviated with donations from citizens in the Greater Free Raeniasya - stronger border security is needed. Aforementioned forge is expected to provide hunting knives, arrows, crossbow bolts, and some shortswords. 

Traditional kesrati blades are in production on the southern border. These consist of swords disguised as hunting knives that grow to their full length when a command phrase is spoken, typically a line of poetry, the name and title of a mezyr, or the full name of the wielder. The disguised blade is often found in an elaborately embroidered sheath with a thick ribbon threaded through, allowing it to be tied to an ankle or sewn on the inside of a bag or jacket. Due to the time and expertise required to make them, they are reserved for regiment commanders and smugglers who frequently cross the border.

Throughout the holiday week of Veliedae Liarya (12/25 - 1/1), Site 4C and other locations will distribute food and drink between locations. A small celebration with a gift exchange is planned for New Year’s Eve. 

Allowance for three beaded bracelets to participate in gift exchange.