Mainframe > Historical Records Vriska Serket Karkalicious

Age: 44 years
Status: Terminated
Race: Mountain Troll
Organization(s): Leader of the Delta Valley resistance, advisor to the Desert Bluffs resistance
Class: Paladin
Closest Relationships: Karako Karkalicious (brother and advisor), Kasenna Karkalicious (daughter and advisor), Birch Kejenda (friend and advisor), Mairan Anidali (nephew and advisor), Sadie Meneras (friend and advisor)

Vriska Karkalicious was born in Delta Valley in 48. She attended school through high school graduation, at which point she acquired a job in the local government. She held positions in the Aren Mountains Park Service until her death.

Karkalicious was an active member of her community. She served in various civil organizations (Delta Valley PTO, Park Workers of the Trance Planet, Aren Mountains City League, Delta Valley Village Council) as well as taking on a leadership role within her family. She does not appear to have any direct military experience; her grandfather did and may have trained her.

She successfully founded and led a Delta Valley militia. She drove StrexCorp out in 81. In 90, when Desert Bluffs requested her aid, she and her allies obliged.

Her inner circle was able to recruit several other towns and groups to the cause. They fought StrexCorp forces with previously unseen unity. Several times, Karkalicious and her allies met with Clover personally.

During a grab for ammo, Karkalicious was killed by Warforged 1113 in a trap set by Hatsune Miku. If she has ascended to mezyr status, this has not been recorded. It is urgent that her charge is found and immediately terminated or tightly controlled to limit the risk of her resurgence.