Mainframe > Historical Records > 11/03/55 BTR

Recording starts.

Relani: Recording begin. Leadel Relani, troll, recording. Dr. Chrystanthemum Delfini, elf, project lead. Lanie Erisen, halfling, head assistant. Miedi Lansing, tiefling, assistant. 17, aasimar, subject.

17: Miles Strider.

Relani: Mi-

Delfini: 17, aasimar, subject.

A brief commotion.

Delfini: Control yourself.

17: Go try to fuck the sun or whatever you guys do. Where the hell is Soren?

Delfini: If you’ll cooperate for a moment, we’ll tell you.

17: Fine. What do I have to do.

Delfini: Just answer a few questions for us. 17, what are your opinions on Aldanan lyk Luxiana? The Smiling God?

17: Miles. You guys like him, right?

Erisen: Answer the question.

17: So yes.

Erisen: Answer the question.

17: Then he’s a little bitch and I would like nothing more than to fight him with my own two hands.

Delfini: Noted.

17: So I can see Soren now.

Delfini: No.

17: Great.

Delfini: What are your opinions on Clover Strekdanan?

17: I want to slam him on the ground as hard as I possibly can and break all of his bones individually and maybe tear out his throat if I’m in the mood. Which I am.


Erisen: Tiefling, are you taking notes?

Lansing: Yes- yes, ma’am.

Delfini: What are your opinions on this organization?

17: Fuck you.

Delfini: Do you want to leave this place?

17: Not without Soren. I think I should get-

Delfini (crosstalk): When we’re done here.

17 (crosstalk): to talk to him.

17: He’s probably had 4 panic attacks by now, kid was a fuckin’ wreck last I saw him. You can’t just isolate people like that. You can’t just keep doing, what, whatever the hell you’re doing. We didn’t do anything! He certainly didn’t do anything!

Delfini: Are you quite done, 17.

17(?): Huffs and makes a low noise.

Delfini: Are you?

0:05 of silence.

17: You can even call me Strider if you want.

0:07 of silence.

Delfini: Tiefling. The bracelet, please.

Lansing: Yes, ma’am.

Quiet clanking.

17: What the hell?

Erisen: Sit- sit still-

17: Fuck no. Get- away-

Delfini: Please relax.

Sounds of a struggle, including loud clanging for 0:08.


Delfini: Damnit, R- Ra- whatever your name is, help us!

The audio crackles as the recording equipment is presumably jostled. 17 is shouting assorted obscenities.

Delfini: Stand- still and- ARGH!

Mechanical sounds begin.

17 (crosstalk): IT HURTS!


0:12 of struggle, during which mechanical sounds stop. 17 continues to cry out. Struggle stops. Machinery is heard for 0:09.

Delfini: There. Okay. Tiefling, is it properly attached?

Lansing: Yes, ma'am.

17: Breathing heavily. Shit.

Delfini: Okay. 17, we will return in several minutes to monitor your condition. Don't die on us, now.

Hesitant laughter from Erisen, Relani, and Lansing. 17's breathing is still ragged.

Door opens and closes.

17 is alone and does not speak for 7:28. He continues to breathe heavily and cry out quietly. Crying becomes audible at 2:09.

17: ...Fuck you.

Quiet scuffling for 0:13. 17 continues to cry but does not speak for 4:19, at which point the tape ends.