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To the United Raeniasya,

Throughout the past century, the Strekdanan Corporation has colonized and divided the entire western half of the Raeniasya. Our region has suffered greatly from this burden culturally, ecologically, and economically. Many have died in futile wars and rebellions. Starscatter is only the most recent of many major cities to have fallen to the hand of this corporation. In a display of solidarity and strength, the subregions, cultural groups, and independent city-states of the eastern Raeniasya are forming the Greater Freed Raeniasya Commission.

At the time of founding, the Commission includes: The Aldair Hills Parliament, the Summer's Creek Nomadic Clans, the Allabik Nomadic Clans, the Rose Empire Historical Cities, United Villages and Towns of the Elaidsya, the Coastal Raeniasyan Flock, the city of Saint-Lorelle-of-the-Prairie, the city of Skafir, the city of Hawk's Roost, the city of Anadir, the city of Mallory, the city of Elodie, the city of Luxelaidken Mezalir'el, the Sonnet Subregion Council, the Coyote Run Nomadic Clans, the Namaru Delegation, and the Peregrine Delegation. Multiple other organizations and cities are currently in the process of being admitted.

The Commission has established regular communications between its members. In the event a location under protection of the Commission is attacked or threatened, members will send military and practical aid to those affected. In the event of natural disaster, members will provide aid as needed. In the event of internal dispute, members will aid in diplomatic efforts and prevent violence or secession. Additionally, the Commission promotes cultural, historical, and ecological preservation and restoration. As such, the Commission follows the standards to be and is recognized as a subregional council by the Dawn League. The Commission is a regional union with more than 1,000,000 creatures under its care, counting the population of pending members, and as such is recognized as a Greater Assembly member by the Dawn League.

The Commission states, first and foremost, its intent to protect its members from further colonization by StrexCorp. It is able and willing to use diplomatic pressure and military force if necessary. Numerous other Greater Assembly members have shown support for our cause. 

The delegates we have elected for this term are Alistair Suncatcher, Ferra Zaidese, and Leo Ganyel. They bear the responsibility of maintaining order within the Commission and representing it at official Dawn League functions. The offices in Hawk’s Roost, Elodie, and Anadir are available for receiving mail meant for them and the Commission, as well as hosting visiting delegates. 

This document is an official statement to notify all Assembly members of the Commission’s membership. It has been standardized and approved by the Dawn League.

Thank you for your time and be well,

The Greater Freed Raeniasya Commission

A small note attached to the back of the document read: You know our names and where we live. We know what you’re going to do. Don’t even fucking try. - Zaidise