Mainframe > Historical Records > Warforged Decommission Order

As decided by the Board of Directors,

With the exception of several units, to be held by Banyan Asainder, all Warforged are to be decommissioned. Their code is to be wiped. Once they are wiped, they are to be recycled or disposed of in Viden.

Bugs in the coding allow the soul to influence the coding that directly affects behavior, mannerisms, and temperament. After several years, they have a tendency to become obstinate and incite, become complicit in the survival of, or directly participate in revolt. In the majority of these cases, Warforged refuse to carry out orders from officials or aid in the escape of rebels. In several, they have attacked functioning Warforged and organic guards; see Collective Incident Report 204814.

At present, there is no way to prevent soul formation while retaining the primary advantage of a Warforged, which is the ability to independently make decisions. Attempting to shatter the soul through magical or psychological means damages the body beyond repair, as well as the coding. Removing the soul produces similar results.

In the retained Warforged, this bug still occurs. However, they have shown loyalty and devotion beyond that of many organic employees. When they have displayed erratic behavior, they have corrected themselves. These are only to be destroyed in the most dire of circumstances.

[Signatures of Asphodel Delvain, Buttercup Asainder, Cypress Asellir, Wormwood Northstar, Rue Asellir, and Clover]