Mainframe > Historical Records > 1/9/87

Farraday: Dia Farraday, transcribing. Clover Strekdanan, present. Asphodel Delvain, present. Buttercup Asainder, present. Cypress Lorener, present. Laurel Naun, present. Mint Tekay, present. Wormwood Northstar, present. Sigh. Rue Asellir. Recording begin.

0:07 of silence.

Northstar: Well! Let’s get this over with.

Naun: Indeed.

Delvain: Could you read the statements?

Northstar: Of course. Give me a moment.

Several seconds of paper shuffling.

R. Asellir: I believe it’s over by Cypress?

Northstar: Of course. Would you mind…

C. Asellir: I’m blinder than a Tarrasque. Laughs awkwardly. Here you go.

Northstar: Thank you. Shuffling of paper. Now… alright. Rue Asellir has been tried and found guilty of theft of company property, unauthorized exit of city limits, unlawful communications, sedition, and high treason. Your trial has met or exceeded standards set by StrexCorp and the Dawn League… do I really need to read all of this?

R. Asellir: Gently. It’s alright, Absinthe. You don’t have to.

Northstar: Okay. Pause. Mr. Strekdanan, do you want me to?

Strekdanan: It’s fine.

Northstar: Are you sure?

Strekdanan: It’s fine.

Tekay: Muttering. I hate all this legal bullshit.

Northstar: I don’t know why the Dawn League requires it, frankly.

R. Asellir: You say that until you’re where I am.

Somewhat awkward laughter.

Northstar: ...I hate to do this.

Delvain: I hope you know I didn’t want to tell them. I really didn’t.

Asainder: I didn’t want to, either.

Delvain: We all, we’re all your friends. I swear we didn’t-

R. Asellir: Don’t lie to me.

Delvain: We didn’t-

R. Asellir: Don’t lie to me.

0:28 of silence.

Northstar: Rue Asellir of Desert Bluffs, did you have the opportunity to contest the ruling concerning your guilt?

R. Asellir: Yes.

Northstar: Does the method of execution or death rites chosen align with your spiritual or religious beliefs?

R. Asellir: Yes.

Northstar: Are your affairs in order?

R. Asellir: Yes.

Several moments of shuffling and murmuring. Wood creaks and a gun is cocked.

Wormwood: Do… do you have any last words?

R. Asellir: Pause. At one point or another, you loved me, right? You really considered me a friend?

0:07 of silence.

R. Asellir: Clover. Were we friends?

0:09 of silence.

Strekdanan: Yes.

R. Asellir: That’s all I wanted to know. Go ahead, Wormwood.

A gunshot rings out. Recording ends.