Mainframe > Historical Records > Diary of Rue Asellir, 1/7/1787

Document confiscated and translated from original Elvish during the trial of Rue Asellir.

So this is it. Tomorrow, I'm leaving Hawk's Roost, and I won't be returning for quite a long time.

Clover is a childhood friend of mine. Well, more of an acquaintance, really, but we've grown closer over the past year or so. Mostly via exchanging letters, although we have visited each other a handful of times. My great-great-great-great-great aunt left me a large piece of land down in Elzyr that I have no idea what to do with. Because of his skills in farming, and mine in bookkeeping, we've decided to start a co-op.

It's not just his farming skills, it's his charisma. The way he speaks, looks at you, nods patiently - you're never wasting his time or bothering him. No one is below him, and I doubt anyone could bring themselves to be above him, either. It’s not just me; we had to speak to one of the bankers to acquire the loan for the equipment, and he totally wouldn’t have given it to us if he didn’t seem so damn earnest. It's a little frightening.

Our plan is basically this: get the equipment, recruit farmers in the local area, find some field hands, go from there. It won't exactly be glamorous, but what good work is? I've been getting tired of Hawk's Roost - my career is flatlining, the city leadership is absent at best, and most of my family has moved out. I'm ready to try to start something new. Here's to hoping it works out!