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Race: High Elf

Position: Board of Directors

Age: 281 years old (at time of death)

Length of Employment: 202 years

Closest Relationships: Clover Strekdanan (coworker), Cypress Asellir (brother)

Rue Asellir

Rue Asellir was born in the central Raeniasya with her twin brother, Cypress Asellir. They were raised by their parents in the village of Alasmain, where they met and befriended a young Clover Strekdanan. She attended the University of Whitehall for a bachelor’s degree in Library Science, then returned and worked at the Hawk’s Roost Public Library for several years.

She was contacted by Strekdanan to assist with the management of his agricultural company, and was one of the members of the early Board of Directors. Her clerical work proved vital to the establishment of the corporation in the earlier years, and provided a strong foundation as the years went on.

She served as informal head of the Research Department until she was found guilty of several crimes against StrexCorp. she was executed on 1/9/121 ATR.