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Race: High Elf

Position: Board of Directors

Age: 132 years

Length of Employment: 29 years

Closest Relationships: Ren Kellanon (coworker), Laylita Fowler (friend)

Mint Tekay

Mint Tekay was born in Gallow Lake in the Midnight River region. He moved to the prairie to attend the University of the Raeniasya and received a Bachelor's Degree in Arcane Arts. He returned to Midnight River after graduation to research magic-assisted computing at Twin Pines College of Technology, and continued this work at several universities around the region. In between academic jobs, he worked with several local Adventurer's Leagues.

After the execution of Rue Asellir, he was invited to Desert Bluffs to join the Board of Directors. He accepted and has served as the informal head of the Technology Department since.