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Race: Unknown

Status: Terminated

Age: 54

Class: Artificer

Closest Relationships: None

His name is Jeff (im sorry)

Jeff Bezos was born in the city of Springville in the Keeota Swamp region, where he was abandoned by his birth parents and raised by two opossums who lived in a sewer. After their untimely death due to rabies, he went up to the surface world and attended wizarding college at Mezzanine College.

After he received a degree in Please Go Away, Please, For the Love of God and Evil Corporation Management (the former does not appear to have ever been offered as a program), he began operating an e-commerce business out of the eastern Silver Forest. StrexCorp discovered that he had created several warforged and was using them in his warehouses. They contacted him and created a partnership on the grounds that no more warforged were to be built. He accepted.

Bezos ran the company successfully for 26 years until he was killed by several members of the Fun Gang and two warehouse workers piloting a cardboard dragon. In his stead, StrexCorp now officially manages, Inc..

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