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Race: High Elf

Position:Member of the Board of Directors

Age: 273 years old

Length of Employment: 199 years

Closest Relationships: Asphodel Delvain (coworker), Buttercup Asainder (coworker), Arum Alavir (coworker), Crimini Meadowbrook (friend), Clover Strekdanan (coworker)

Cypress Asellir

Cypress Asellir was born in the central part of the Raeniasya with his twin sister, Rue. They were raised by their parents in the village of Alasmain, where they met and befriended a young Clover Strekdanan. Cypress went to wizarding college at the University of the Southern Lowlands and got a degree in Class Studies. He returned to the Raeniasya and worked at an adventurer’s school.

When he was contacted by his sister to assist with clerical and legal work at the company, he accepted and moved to the recently-conquered Felenir. He became an early member of the Board of Directors alongside Rue Asellir, Buttercup Asainder, and Clover Strekdanan.

He continued to work in that position until the hiring of Wormwood Northstar, when he surrendered legal duties to focus primarily on financial and organizational structure. During the occupation of Desert Bluffs, he provided invaluable strategic help. After the execution of his sister, he took over her position as informal supervisor of the Research Department, where he still works.