Cecil Sennessa

Race: Tiefling

Position: Messenger (Intern), Scout (Intern)

Age: 15 years old

Length of Employment: 2 years

Closest Relationships: Kevin Diel’anda (friend), Kira Lykzyran (coworker), Emily Diel’anda (friend), Karkat Karkalicious (friend, no longer in contact)

Cecil Sennessa

Cecil Sennessa was born in Desert Bluffs. His parents fled shortly after his birth, and he was instead raised by Miriam Dellator. She began to express rebel sympathies, and Sennessa began to mimic these at the age of 8. After re-education, neither showed any similar issues.

He has gone through and continues to go through formal education with honors. At present, he is employed as an intern messenger and scout. He is too young to receive a collar.