Asphodel Delvain

Race: High Elf

Position: Member of Board of Directors

Age: 349 years old

Length of Employment: 196 years

Closest Relationships: Cypress Asellir (coworker), Mint Tekay (coworker), Ren Kellanon (friend), Primrose Delvain (wife)

Asphodel Delvain

Before becoming involved with StrexCorp, Asphodel Delvain was born in the northwestern part of the Raeniasya, in the elven town of Terendel. He attended Lansing University and studied Environmental Studies and Land Management. He returned to his hometown and was a landlord for sharecroppers. He used his degrees to advise farmers and gardeners around the northwestern region.

In January of 1822 ST, Buttercup Asainder contacted him and offered him a position at StrexCorp. He would be assissting Rue Asellir in the agricultural sector and evaluating geography for use in war and development. He gladly accepted and moved to Felenir. After his arrival, he was made a part of the Board of Directors and immediately got to work.

He met his wife, Primrose Stuna, in February of 1891. They were married in 1894. Shortly afterwards, the Research Division was established, and he took over all of Asellir's duties pertaining to agriculture. He continued to work in Felenir with the rest of the Board until the occupation of Desert Bluffs, when he moved there with the rest of StrexCorp's primary operations. He still oversees the Agricultural Division in an informal sense.