22619, "Binary"


Model: 226, "Screenhead"

Position: Head of Compliance Department

Serial Number:22619

Closest Relationships: Kada Elnajian (spouse), Karkat Karkalicious (ex-spouse), Cecil Sennessa (intern)


Binary was manufactured in 90 ATR, along with several other “Screenhead” models, for use in battle. It participated in the occupation of Desert Bluffs and assisted in the killing of Vriska Serket Karkalicious, WH. After the war, it did re-education assignments alongside organizational work for the Compliance Department.

It was placed on the StrexCorp Part-Time Adventurer’s League in 103 ATR and was excluded from the Decommission in 111 ATR. Aside from several small incidents that were quickly corrected, no cooperation issues have been noted.