Emmett Yearling

With determination and ingenuity, anything is possible.

It is November 13th, 150 ATR. Your name is Emmett James Yearling. Your nickname is Gorse. Your favorite color is gold. You are 16 years old. Your pastimes include caring for your mother's inn, sparring with your siblings, and singing. This place feels familiar and alien in a way you cannot describe.

You live in the heart of Whitehall, in a cozy little neighborhood called Deerborn. You and your siblings help your adoptive mother care for the Veridian'el Inn, and, in turn, reside there. You've got your own room there, stacked with schoolbooks you toooootally read, homework you toooootally do, and books you actually read. You're more of a sports person, but truth be told, Mom's friends at the library have good recommendations. You've also got your marble collection, sparring cards, your old guitar, vinyls, and, of course, a record player.

Most people would describe you as charming and energetic. You make friends easily, although you value solitude quite a bit. Unfortunately, you have a tendency to be quite reckless and impulsive. It can be difficult for you to follow the rules (they're just stupid sometimes). Your stubbornness has earned you an orange and yellow soul. Although you truly care for others and try to be kind, thinking about your capacity for cruelty scares you. A lot.

So you don't.

In battle, you've got quite the skill with physical attacks. You're strong and can take a hit. Rumor has it, your sword was blessed by a god, and you certainly wield it like it is. You're quite the Fighter.

While your class isn't very religion-based, you are, like most of your family. You take AP Theology because you're enamored with the gods and their history, and you excel in it. The god you primarily worship is Renauraka lyk Meness, or Meneri'an. He's the god of metal and an honorable fight, patron of Fighters. He appears as a ripped human with a litany of weapons and armor. He's objectively the coolest.

You also have a dog, a big gold and white certified good boy that looks like a Dutch Shepherd. His name is Icarus and you love him. He's got a bed in your room, and he likes to follow you around when possible.

You're tight with your family; you practically have to be. You and all your siblings were adopted by Mesana, with Heselma hanging around enough to be considered a family friend.

Mesana is a good mom to all of you. She listens to your problems, makes sure your needs are met, and is generally warm and caring. You don't have a lot in common with her, but you enjoy the company of the other anyways. It's like that with a lot of your siblings. She doesn't always give you the guidance or advice you need, but it's alright. You have each other for that. She's friendly with Heselma, someone she hired to help with the inn before your lot showed up. He's still employed, but no one's exactly sure what he does... whatever it is, he's good at it, and gets to live there for free. He helps you with your homework and your fighting skills. He's pretty nice, albeit a little self-centered. He can be scarily fake towards strangers sometimes -- thank the Seranalan he's never done it to you.

Your siblings are a bunch of basket cases and you love them. You're the closest with Stellan, the second-youngest of the bunch. By your guess, anyways. You two have had your arguments, but never anything too big. You seem like very different people, but you're great friends and great siblings. Both of you like music, magic, and making things. He's kind of a wimp sometimes, but you're more than ready to stick up for him. You're the second-closest with Dawn. She's a little mysterious, a little annoying, and a little feral, but in just the right amounts that even when she messes with your Carpentry projects you don't want to kill her. Both of you are gifted with plants, and tend to the rooftop garden together. The one you know the least is Jack, and even then, you get along. He's much... edgier, one could say, than the others. He acts all tough, and his favorite hobby seems to be crime, but he's actually a pretty nice person. You spar with him a lot.

You're not entirely sure who you were born to, because you were just... kind of... left behind at the Inn, at the same time as the others. Which is odd. It's how you know your original last name, but the first names your parents signed in with seemed to be fake; your mom couldn't find them. But you live with her now. It's cool.

When you were about 9, Jack brought home a book on how to become an adventurer and wouldn't stop talking about it. The idea enamored the rest of you, until you were all begging your mother to let you become blades-for-hire. She buckled somewhat - Heselma was a retired adventurer like her, and depending on the classes you went into, the two of them would teach you. You weren't to go on any quests yet. But, you could learn the basics and hone your skills. Adventuring is dangerous, whether a career or a hobby. Since magic isn't really your thing, you learned from Heselma.

But! You and the others have grown up and improved greatly, enough that Mesana is willing to entertain you guys heading out. This afternoon, your entire family will head to Town Hall to look at the quest board.

You can't wait.