The Reader's Guide

Hello, and welcome to the Fungeon Reader's Guide! This has all the info you'll need to understand a Fungeon session. There's plenty to see; take a look around with the links at the top!


In the heart of an ancient city, a boy is getting ready for school.

It’s a beautiful day in Whitehall, nicknamed the Heart of the Trance Planet, and he’s more than happy to walk. He cheerfully greets neighbors leaving for work, elves and trolls and halflings and gnomes and many others. He’ll find a similar crowd at school, and in many parts of the city. He passes by shops older than his school and his house and his entire family combined, apartments just finished last week, and flourishing community gardens. Dragons, birds, and icarians are soaring through the sky. The air is crisp and clean. It’s a great day to be alive, and the future is bright.

This wiki serves as an archive for the Fun Gang. As long as it remains, anyone can learn about the worlds we've built together. I hope that you enjoy this website and everything you find within.