You don’t know your name. You don’t know how old you are. Your favorite color is green. Your pastimes include exploring the forest where you live and watching the living come and go.

You would describe yourself as quiet and observational. You don’t particularly like confrontation, physical or verbal, but you’re not afraid of it. You use sarcasm and humor to cope with most things. Of course, most of this is to yourself; you haven’t spoken to another human being for longer than you can remember.

At the moment, there are two people that catch your eye: Stellan and Emmett. Stellan is small and vaguely rabbit-like, with brown eyes and a broken heart you can feel when he sings. Emmett is tall and hawk-like, with brown eyes and a laugh that hides something. They’re intriguing in their own ways, so you watch them closely.

Sometimes, rarely, they see you. Stellan looks at you with gentle eyes, and Emmett, with harsh ones. Both frighten you in different ways.

In any case, no matter what happens there, the forest is your home. The trees are your guardians. You stay.

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