Clementine Auguras

Your name is Clementine Auguras. Your pronouns are she/her. Your favorite color is tangerine. You are 13 years old. Your pastimes include volunteering at the local animal shelter, serving on the student council, and riding your bike around town.

You live in the town of Somerset, Ohio, a cozy little place tucked away in the hills. You live with your parents in one of the old houses on Main Street, the marigold one that looks like a gingerbread house. For as long as you can remember, your dad's been doing something new to that old house - replacing the shingles, repainting the ornamentation, cleaning the gutters. You like to help him when you can.

People would describe you as ambitious and enthusiastic. You're a part of the student council at Old Oak High, so you're almost always working on some new fundraiser or event idea. You're quick on the draw, with a seriously sharp wit when necessary (your passive-aggressive monologues are the stuff of legend). For the most part, though, you're kind of a stickler to the rules and exceedingly polite, but you're trying to buck that reputation. You can be fun! You can be spontaneous! Yeah. Totally.

As a matter of fact, something rather spontaneous *has* happened. Several weeks ago, three sophomores went missing in the woods: Emmett Yearling, Jack Palistar, and Stellan Herascarter. Nobody’s heard from them, but no bodies were found. The police don’t seem to be in any rush - boys run away from home all the time, they said, and they usually come back eventually. There weren’t many signs of foul play. Besides, that Palistar kid caused a lot of trouble. To their credit, they do, there weren’t, and he did, but something about that didn’t quite sit right with you. It sat even less right with Lucas Palistar, who went looking for his big brother three days ago and hasn’t been seen since.

You didn’t know most of them that well. The older boys were in the grade above, so you didn’t have many classes with them. You were friends with Lucas, though. Not close, really, but he always helped out at school events and chattered cheerfully with you while you worked. You got the sense he just liked having something to do and someone to talk to. He stopped volunteering after he started cozying up to Jack’s gang, though. You were kind of worried. And now that he’s missing, you’re real worried. Worried enough to join a small search party of kids from school.

You’ve scraped together a group of 5 kids, who will be following you into the woods this morning at 9 AM sharp. Sparrow Harrison used to be part of Student Council in middle school, but dropped out because she was “trying to be more emo”. By and large, it seems to be working out for her, although she’s not very good at the whole brooding thing. You don’t know each other that well, but she organized it and you’re in. You’re closer with Eliza Pleasant, resident weird kid for your grade and proud of it. Most of her wardrobe is black and white, except for the friendship bracelets you made each other at Girl Scout Camp in the 2nd grade. August Killbuck, son of famed ranger Angel Killbuck, learned a thing or two about wilderness rescue from his father and is looking to put that to use. You don't know much about August himself, but he seems nice enough. He's always hanging around with Elijah Wolf, who gives you a similar impression. Unfortunately, Fox Tenmile does not. You saw him in the principal's office more than in the electives you supposedly shared, and he liked to stick his tongue out at you through the window in the door. It's kinda baffling that he's here, at least to you, but Sparrow trusts him so you'll have to.

It won't be an easy mission - it's a cold winter, and the woods are infamously easy to get lost in. But the mission’s important. You have faith you’ll find him.

Strange Trails Character Sheet

Quick Reference

Conditions: Concussed. Lose Agi + Int mods. Bleeding. Lose .5 HP per rnd/min. Burned. Take 2 dmg instead of 1.

Weapons (odds/evens/crit): Fists. .5/1/1.5. Concussed. Knife. 2/2/3. Bleeding. Rock. 1/2/2. Concussed. Pistol. 3/3.5/5. Bleeding. Hunting Rifle. 4/5/7. Bleeding.

Current HP:

Strength: X (+Y)

Agility: X (+Y)

Insight: X (+Y)

Charm: X (+Y)

Creativity: X (+Y)

Intelligence: X (+Y)

Luck: X (+Y)

Talent 1: It’s impossible to be lonely when you’re zesting an orange. Scrape the soft rind once and the whole room fills with fruit.

Talent 2: Look around: you have more than enough.

Talent 3: Always have. You just didn’t notice until now.